Q1-2016 The Gospel’s Power and Message, by Paul Washer

Join the men of Grace Bible Church Boise, as we read:

GospelsPower_front__64793.1346069329.1280.1280The Gospel's Power and Message

by Paul Washer ISBN-13: 978-1601781956
We will be choosing a book to read each quarter of the year. We're going to start reading this book in Dec 2015, and so we'll have an extra month to read this first book.
You can order the book online but if you need help getting a copy let us know.

We have three goals in launching this effort.

  1. Read - a book that encourages our faith and pushes us towards God and His Word.
  2. Walk - use the book as a means to promote and facilitate walking beside fellow brothers in Christ, “sharpening one another”, Pro. 27:17.
  3. Run - Use the book and walking together as a means to promote individual spiritual growth in order to “run that you may obtain the prize”, 1 Cor 9:24.

In addition to these three goals we are going to offer three ways to participate.

  1. Read - the book along with other men in the church and have the opportunity to interact with one another on the material. This simply provides another avenue for men to engage and have something “spiritually in-common” with one another to talk about and connect with.
  2. Blog - interact with one another on this website. Sometimes you might like to be able to talk about something you've read or perhaps just share a thought, but you can’t always do that on a Sunday morning.
  3. Coffee - very informal gathering, discuss the book or just get to know one another. No expectation on being at a specific point in the book. Just another way to gather and interact. The current book could be a point of discussion, but doesn’t need to be...
    6:00am 1st & 3rd Friday of the month at
    Lucky Perk
    3327 N. Eagle Rd Meridian, ID 83642
    Dec 4 and Dec 18
    Jan 1(cancel for Holiday) and Jan 15
    Feb 5 and Feb 19
    Mar 4 ad Mar 18


  1. I found this section towards the end of Chapter-1, pg. 8 insightful –

    Preachers do no service to carnal men by giving them the very things their fallen hearts desire, but preachers do serve men by putting true food before them until, by the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit, they recognize it for what it is and they taste and see that the Lord is good.

  2. Thanks for spear-heading this forum Gabe. For those who missed it this morning, it was great to meet with a few guys and talk about our Savior. I look forward to more of this as it has been years for me since I had the fellowship of Christian men. This book has already opened up a realization for me that we need to be in the Word daily…

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